Co-Founder of Hoops Institute/ Host of Basketball To Business Podcast​

In 2015, I graduated from Anderson University, a small DII where I played ball. During my junior year, I lost my hoop dreams thanks to a concussion I suffered on February 14. I slipped and hit my head…not on the court like you’d think. I hit my head outside around 2 a.m after practicing a John Legend song for my (now) cuban-delight of a girlfriend. Well worth the fall I might add.
I love winning so much that I kept it from my trainer until I finished the season. That decision sat me out longer during my off-season. I thanked God when I got cleared… to read and be around light. Since I couldn’t hoop, it gave me the chance for the first time in my life that I exercised my brain more than my muscles.
Fast forward to today, I have a voracious appetite for knowledge. Sometimes I get analytical constipation – or I suffer from paralysis by analysis. I still love the game of basketball and I now have a love for business.

I have a deep conviction for the morality of business. I’m here to serve guys like you who helped me receive a scholarship to a university way beyond my budget. If I can serve and add value to you personally and professionally, I’ve done my job.
To contact me, reach me at myson@hoopsinstitute.com.
Best Regards,