Najee Kelley

Najee Kelley​

Co-Founder of Hoops Institute

Founder of MogulUp Media, software entrepreneur and with over 4 years of real life experience building systems to help Fitness and Basketball businesses generate more clients from the internet. 

I got started back in 2014, by utilizing my skillset of graphic design to help trainers 1 by 1 develop there branding presence. This lead to more referrals, and soon I realized how much of a need there was for online marketing as there weren’t any services specializing in the Basketball Business industry.

I also Co-founded the Mogul Fitness Training Center in Lombard, IL, where I developed real life experiences of running a fitness training business, slightly different, but basically dealing with the same growth pains and Day-to-Day operations.

With even more motivation to Scratch my own itch, this lead us to developing the marketing platform which is now Known as The Playbook. 

Hoops Institute is now run by an excellent team of Digital Marketing professionals, Web Developers, Basketball Trainers and Ex-Basketball players.
Hoops Institute is the leading Website and Marketing platform developed specifically to help Basketball Trainers and Player Developers attract more athletes, clients for long-term systematic growth.