Basketball Marketing

The Basketball Trainers Guide to Email Marketing

Basketball Trainer's Guide to Email Marketing

These days, everyone is on Social media. It’s all about the Tweets, likes, hearts and status updates, right? It’s where everyone’s attention is placed, so it would be obvious to think that’s where you should be spending all of your time marketing your basketball training business, right? Well it’s not wrong, but it’s not the…

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The Ultimate Guide to Online Marketing for Basketball Trainers


BUILDING AN ONLINE MARKETING SYSTEM THAT GENERATES NEW CLIENTS OVER AND OVER.. How to Build an Bulletproof Basketball Training Business Online. If you’re like most basketball trainers, you’ve spent countless years developing your skills, knowledge, and experience to deliver athletes the results they desire. Yet somewhere down the line, it seems as if no one…

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Should You Offer A Free Trial?

Hoops Institute

There’s nothing new about offering a trial or test drive program for your private training or group training programs at this point. Nearly everyone is doing something. At Hoops Institute, we even teach it as a part of your sales and marketing strategy. We call these programs Front End Offers (FEO). They are designed to be…

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YouTube marketing for Basketball Trainers

YouTube Marketing For Basketball Trainers

If you’re a basketball trainer, YouTube is a channel for growth you cannot afford to ignore. Simply because the little fact that YouTube is the second largest search engine in the world behind Google, it’s about time to get serious about promoting your channel and your videos. It’s not brain surgery but your YouTube channel isn’t going to…

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The Anatomy of an Elite Basketball Trainer's Website

Basketball Trainer's Website

Eye-catching, Brand Recognition. Big, bold images. Striking headlines. These are all important parts of great basketball trainer’s website. After all, they’re what can make or break a new visitor’s first impression of your site. But what about the more nitty-gritty parts of great website? What about helpful navigation menus, strong calls-to-action, leading your visitors to a specific action…

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