The Dream Athlete (The Perfect client you want to Attract!)

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First Things First

From this point moving forward, We will be using the term DREAM ATHLETE.

What is a Dream Athlete exactly?

A Dream Athlete is YOUR IDEAL CLIENT that you WANT to serve.

Think about all the clients you have trained in the past or are currently training. Pretty sure there’s been 1 or 10 that you can live without right?

BUT! There may have been 1 that made you say, “Wow! if I can just have 50 more Tim’s or if I can only work with 65 more Tiffany’s, Business and Life would be great!”

Well, guess what, you can.

The Problem is, You just haven’t consciously marketed your services to attract more Tim’s or Tiffany’s into your business as of yet.

In order to market your training services and products properly, the first thing you must do is get clear on WHO you actually want to serve. You can’t effectively market ANYTHING without understanding WHO your Dream Athlete is (Who you’re actually trying to speak to), where they are hanging out, and what their challenges are…


It’s like shouting, “HEY YOU!!!!!” in a hallway FULL of people, but never actually calling a specific person’s name.


If you’re loud enough, a few people will turn around and look at you, but no one is going to come answering because your message wasn’t directed towards anyone specifically.

Makes sense, right?.

The sad truth is that this is how Most trainers start out, marketing to whoever will listen, training whomever they can get their hands on, never thinking about who they want to work with, which will be a disaster long term IF their business lasts long enough.

So Building your Dream Athlete (some call it an ideal client or buyer persona) would have a huge impact on your business and marketing.

But how do you do it?

We’ll get into the How-To in just a second, but first, understand that your Dream Athlete is…

The Scouting Report of Your Business.

This exercise will dramatically impact virtually every aspect of your business, marketing, and sales process!

How know how teams put scouting reports on other specific players to better understand their actions, tendencies, habits so that they can be prepared for that player?


You need to apply that exact strategy for attracting your Dream Athlete!

This exercise will dramatically impact virtually every aspect of your business, marketing, and sales process including…

Training Services/Product Creation – What Solution or Result is your Dream Athlete searching for?

Business Website – Is your website built how you want it to look or How your Dream Athlete wants to consume information. Your layout Design, Functionality, CTA’s (Call To Actions) should be built to attract, serve and convert your DREAM ATHLETE. (So you may want to think TWICE before just hiring the guy who builds websites for everyone or using a cheap Do It Yourself service. You don’t want to mess up on this critical step.)

Content Marketing – What blog posts, videos, podcasts, Lead Magnets, Ebooks, etc. should you create to attract and convert your Dream Athlete?

Email Marketing – Which Dream Athlete should receive a specific email marketing campaign?

Copywriting – How should you describe offers in your email marketing, ads and sales letters in a way that compels your Dream Athlete to buy?

Paid Traffic – Understanding Where your Dream Athlete is hanging out online will help you decide Which advertising platforms to buy traffic from and what targeting options should you use.

… and that’s just scratching the surface. EVERY part of the marketing and sales process that “touches” your clientele (which is pretty much EVERYTHING) will improve when you get clear on your Dream Athlete.

After all, they’re the person that buys your training products and services. It pays to get clear on the characteristics of that person, so you can find and present them with a message that moves them into action.

Ask yourself these 5 Questions:

  1. WHO is Your Dream Athlete?
    1. Who do I actually want to work with
    2. What skill level, beginner, intermediate or advanced?
    3. Do you want to work with only a certain position? (PG, SF, C?)
    4. What age level do you want to serve? (Grade school, High School, College, Pro?)
  2. What are THEIR Goals, Challenges, and Pain Points?
    1. Make note of the goals and values that are relevant to the products and services you offer. You’ll use this information to drive product/service creation, copywriting, content marketing and email marketing, and advertising to compel your Dream Athlete into action.
  3. Where can you find them?
    1. Where do they hang out online?(FB, IG, Snapchat?)
    2. What other interests do they have? This will help you will determine the best places to advertise and the targeting options you’ll use to reach your Dream Athlete by listing their hang out spots. You want to spend your time where they spend their time if you want their attention, makes sense right?
  4. What bait can you use to attract them?
    1. Once you understand WHO you want to work with and what THEIR goals are, and WHERE you can find them online or in person, you can then create content (lead magnets, videos, cheat sheets, checklists, tips) to attract them specifically.
  5. What Results Do you want to give them?
    1. Once you understand their challenges and pains, and you’ve hooked your Dream Athlete with the bait, the last question is what RESULT do you want to give them? Not what service or product you want to sale them, but what Result? That’s NOT what a business is about. A business is about what RESULTS you can produce for your clients. How will this athlete’s game improve After working with you? Imagine your clients can pay any price for your service, where would you take them.
    2. Be as Descriptive as possible, paint the picture vividly for them. Use testimonials if possible. If done right, price becomes a nonfactor. Sure everyone won’t be able to afford top dollar services, but you can create other solutions for them as well if you’d like.

Let’s Look at an Example of a Dream Athlete

Let’s say your Dream Athlete, Tiffany, is a solid Point Guard, but her Challenges and pain points are that she struggles handle the ball and make smart decisions under pressure, and often turns it over.

Her Goals are to become a better PG by improving her ball handling, confidence and offensive awareness.

Since you’re now aware of WHO you’re talking to and what her Goals, challenges and pain points are, You can then strategically create lead magnets, such as an Ebook called:

10 Ways Point Guards can Overcome 4th Quarter Pressure


How Point Guards can Become Leaders on the court

Or whatever you feel is appropriate to capture her attention and provide real value. The options are endless! This way, you’re speaking directly to that specific athlete rather than yelling down the hall at everybody.

As a result of this, every other aspect of your marketing becomes extremely simple. You could then create an Email Campaign for this Dream Athlete that promotes your Ebook with the subject line: Are you a Point Guard that Struggles with Turnovers under Pressure?

That’ll get Tiffany’s attention, because it is specific to one of her pain points. You’re talking directly to her.

You can then take it a step further and create a Result specific training service and/or product to provide a solution to help your Dream Athlete achieve their goals.Once they’re in your doors and you’ve delivered the results, you can utilize Tiffany as a testimonial, building more social proof for your marketing efforts. AND you have the ability to KEEP Tiffany as a client long term who’s willing to pay more because you’ve proven now that you’re capable of delivering results.This is just a very small example of the power understanding all of this can give you, you can create multiples of these over and over for different goals, challenges and pain points.That’s it, the 5 Steps again are as follows:

  1. WHO is Your Dream Athlete?
  2. What are THEIR Goals, Challenges, and Pain Points?
  3. Where can you find them?
  4. What bait can you use to attract them?
  5. What Results Do you want to give them?

After you’ve thoroughly answered these 5 questions, creating your business vision, mission, training services, products, and marketing content will be a breeze!

The Final Step.

Build Multiple Dream Athletes

Start by building a single Dream Athlete. But you don’t have to stop there.

Once you get the hang of it, you’ll be churning out multiple Dream Athletes representing the different areas of basketball training. Don’t go overboard, but any lucrative market segment with a distinct set of goals, pain points, etc. that you want to work with is deserving to be a Dream Athlete.

Use the Dream 100 Athlete Worksheets below (there are male and female versions) to get clear on your ideal client.

Download and fill in your Dream Athlete Worksheet here!

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