Playbook Appointments

Automated Online Booking for Basketball Trainers.

Let your clients check availability, select a trainer, book an appointment and make their payment all from Your website, removing the need for any 3rd Party Software. 

Playbook Appointments software populates scheduled dates, times & locations to keep you and your clients on the same page, No more playing phone tag.

 The Perfect solution for keeping up with training sessions and payments without all the manual labor.


Lets face it, Chasing down client payments involves Awkward conversations with parents, and manually tracking it all in unnecessary spreadsheets. Get rid of it once and for all with the better way to track, collect, and manage your payments.


Store client payment history (and all the other information you need) in one simple profile. Take control of the most important aspect of your business and make informed decisions, with The Playbook’s built-in financial intelligence & reporting.  


Maximize conversions by charging clients online when they book their training session. 

Collect online payments securely using Visa, MasterCard, Discover or electronic check. Process payments in full or offer a partial deposit before sessions.

Websites for Basketball Trainers

Schedule from Anywhere, Anytime​.

One of the biggest struggles you may have as a trainer is effectively communicating your schedule to clients. Playbook Appointments demolishes that issue by allowing your clients to Easily schedule sessions all from the palm of their hand.​

Allowing athletes to see a calendar, complete with the days and specific times you train gives you the clear head space from grudge work. Along with the ability and flexibility to focus on other areas of your business. Track your payments and upcoming sessions all from the Back Office of your website.

The booking form automatically re-adjusts when viewed on mobile devices, allowing athletes and parents to book sessions on the go.​

The Playbook offers Flexible setup for recurring training programs or specific curriculum training.

Automated Emails

Customize the automated Welcome email sent out to every athlete after they register for your online training program. 

Image the power of automatically introducing yourself to every athlete that joins your email list, allowing them to learn about your program, receive an offer and receive a series of future emails from you that they look forward to opening every week!

Basketball Business Online Booking

Access your schedule and Track your numbers. 

Manage your schedule, clients and sales. View all the day-to-day details you and your staff need. ​See what’s on your calendar—for the day or week. 

Look up sales information in real time.
Quickly view key metrics with the Business Snapshot feature.  Keep tabs on your business. 

Sync With Google Calendar. 

Both clients and you can save appointments made on your website directly to Google Calendar with a click – no setup required. ​

We’ve also included the Google Calendar API. Easily configure Playbook Appointments to automatically sync changes to appointments between Google Calendar and your website.​

Remove the need of logging in to check upcoming sessions by allowing your Google Calendar to sync them.