Introducing Playbook Courses

The complete Learning Management System (LMS) built for Basketball Trainers. Sharing and monetizing your knowledge has never been easier..​​

Design and deliver beautiful courses, complete with bold media content, interactive questions, forums and assessments, all within your Playbook website, no third-party services required.. 

You heard right. Develop interactive learning Programs with Playbook Courses, including:
Entire Training Program with certifications. Course Videos, Downloadable Workout PDFs. Interactive questions, forums, assessments. Free, Paid courses, and/or membership access!

Launch Your Course in Minutes with The Online Course Builder

 Playbook Courses is the complete Learning Management System (LMS) built for the Basketball Trainers. Sharing and monetizing your knowledge with your website has never been easier..​​

Playbook Courses makes online education simple with course pages, paywalls, social sharing, and an interactive learning environment that helps connect more students.

Manage Your Program Like a Pro

Manage students and courses with automatic grading, reporting, assessments, and discussions. With Playbook Courses, students can track their progress from start to finish to benchmark knowledge retention and reinforce concepts with your athletes.

More Ways to Moderate

Make sure every question gets answered and assignments are graded quickly – even for the big classes. Add multiple instructors and course facilitators to stay on top of responses.
Playbook Courses offers Flexible setup by allowing either One off purchases for each course or recurring subscription payments for your courses to build more of a membership model.

Automated Emails

Customize the automated Welcome email sent out to every athlete after they register for your online training program. 

Image the power of automatically introducing yourself to every athlete that joins your email list, allowing them to learn about your program, receive an offer and receive a series of future emails from you that they look forward to opening every week!

A Multitude of Quiz Options 

Playbook Courses includes more ways to assess your students – multi-answer, single choice, selectable, short answer, long answer, true and false and upload. Plus, require students to complete each unit quiz with a qualifying grade before starting the next session.. 

Custom Completions Certificates

Playbook Courses lets you create custom styled, personalized printable completion certificates for each course.

The most fully-featured Course creation software for Basketball Trainers available..

Both clients and you can save appointments made on your website directly to Google Calendar with a click – no setup required. ​

  • Unlimited course creation
  • Offer free courses and course teasers
  • Full video integration, share audio content
  • Includes a powerful quiz builder
  • Course paywall
  • Access to over 100 payment gateways​
  •  Automated and manual reporting​
  • Automated and manual assessment
  • Course and unit progress display
  • Design Course certifications for each course
  • Interactive discussion board
  • Built-in email marketing
  • Set font for PDF reports
  • Popup login and signup forms