Hey Basketball Trainers, let’s get into sending out emails to parents or potential leads. What I like to do is have set templates that I can clone and edit and change and also rename. You can then run a test email to yourself and then click on “Review and send”.

Also always make sure to change the subject line text for each email that you create. 

You can also create different templates and then save them in case you want to market to certain groups. Let’s say for example you want to have a specific email for trainees, separate from the ones you’ll send to parents. You will first click on the “Send or Schedule” tab, then click on “Send to email list” dropdown box under Recipients and then select the list you want to target. 

If you want to send to specific individuals that are not on a segmented list, then you can click on the “Send to” dropdown box and you can choose individual emails to send to.

After that, you will be allowed to either send the email immediately or schedule it to be sent to the selected recipients at another date. You can now click on Send Email.

Checking Email Stats

After sending out emails, it’s important to check the stats of those emails. You can see if there are any bounced emails and then reach out to the client to request that they whitelist you, so that the emails you send land in their inbox. 

In order to check email stats, first click on Contacts on the left panel then click on the Bulk Actions Tab.

Then for the email you want to see the stats for click on Show Stats

If you need further assistance setting up your email campaigns to win more leads or communicate with your list feel free to reach out to me.