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“You have to learn the rules of the game. And then you have to play better than anyone else.”

Thinking about ways to build your Brand, increase clients, and generate more income?

Good. Keep reading. You’re about to learn why blogging is a perfect way to establish yourself as an expert in the basketball industry and help you achieve all of the above.


What is Blogging??

In short, a Blog is a marketing channel (like Facebook, Instagram, email marketing, direct mail, etc.) on your website that helps support the growth of business by creating short form content. This is used to get your business more online awareness and visibility by driving traffic to your website and providing opportunities for those visitors to convert to an offer in some way.

Creating blog posts about important industry related subjects allows you to position yourself as someone of authority with an unique perspective on the game. This shows parents and athletes (i.e. potential clients) who visit your website that you know where they need help, how to take their game to the next level and are willing to go the extra mile.

What’s the difference between posting on your website/blog and social media? This is a channel that you Own!

When Blogging, you are creating short-form content to educate, persuade, inform and/or entertain your audience.

A “Blog Post,” is posted to your website’s “Blog

BLOG: A part of your website where you house all of your Blog Posts.

Take this for example, you are currently reading a Blog Post on Hoops Institute.

BLOG POST: Short-form content that has been posted on a Blog.

Hope that wasn’t confusing, Let’s continue shall we?

An essential keynote: When you’re creating a blog post for your business, your posts should be about or based around a specific subject topic related to your business. For instance, Hoops Institute is a Basketball Marketing platform that specializes in building websites that convert leads for Basketball trainers, so we focus on creating blog posts about marketing topics in which trainers can improve their website, online branding presence and marketing efforts to bring in more clients.

Your blog will talk about subject matters that are related to your training business. So, if you specialize in helping clients with improve their handles, you should focus on creating blog posts to help them do just that.

Blog Post Topics and Title Examples:

How to develop a handle like Kyrie Irving in 5 weeks!

Your Quick Guide to Never Looking down while Dribbling again!

You get the drift?

Blogging allows You to engage your ideal clients to give them the valuable information they want and need. This makes you appear as the expert that you are in their eyes, and giving you the credibility and opportunity to provide them with a more hands on solution to their problem.

For instance, an athlete may want to get serious about improving ball handling after reading your informative article. Since you specialize in training individuals with services to help them do so, and at the end of the article offer a free consultation to assess their goals in person. They contact you to schedule the appointment, that’s a new client you just brought in from doing the work upfront, one time. It’s a Win Win. The beauty of this is that once the post is written, it’s their working for you over and over again.

What blogging also does is enables you to be found and seen on the internet. This could mean your business gets found a lot in search engines, on social media, on other people’s blogs who may offer related products or services yours, which can lead to exposure to their audience who are interested in your services and are Ready To Buy! Blogging for your Business is one of the top ways to help get your business in front of people looking for your services on the internet!


1. Blogs bring in the Potential Clients

Blogging is building long term Assets for you to leverage in your Day to Day interactions with potential clients. In that phone call I mentioned at the beginning of this post, I was explaining to my client how they could use a blog post to collect emails from potential leads.

To turn your website into a valuable marketing asset, you need people to actually see it.

The interesting thing about creating useful content online is that it attracts athletes that actually want to learn about that subject. Simply because they took the time to research a certain basketball topic and found your article about it. Part of running a successful Basketball Training Program is educating athletes.

The more blog posts your website has on relevant content that helps athletes, the more assets you build and increased chances you have to be found in search engines when athletes are searching for that particular subject.

The majority of basketball players now turn to the internet to learn the game. This is a major reason that Blog/articles are traffic magnets. Oh, and Google loves them! (Increased Google Search Ranking!)

There are quite a few different ways people can see your website and one of the biggest ways your website can be found is through search engines. Think Google, Bing, Yahoo, etc.

You can produce relevant/qualified traffic to your website by focusing on relevant basketball topics in your blog posts and direct that traffic to your program services to drive your sales.

Example: Creating a blog post about the correct and incorrect ways to use the drive to the basket. At the end of the post after explaining a general overview to the reader, direct him/her to your Online Course you created on the subject where they can sign up and learn more in detail.

Once you have the trust of your readers and loyal visitors through consistent value addition on your blog, it becomes that much easier to have them opt-in on your email list and/or convert them into paying customers.

This is one of the biggest secrets of how some of the largest training organizations are using their blogs as their primary lead generation source.

2. Blogs Help You Build Communities

In today’s world, the best companies are now understanding that the best way to build loyal customers is creating a community. Blogging is one of the best ways to build a basketball community of like minded people around your website. Which is why Hoops Institutes basketball marketing websites are optimized with everything you need to grow your audience online.

Just having a website that’s not developed for your clients, without great information for potential leads to learn from won’t build a loyal following. It’s just too dry and people will leave faster than they came.

What you want to do is enlighten your readers and engage in different discussions with them. This will not only enhance your client’s experience with your basketball training program, but will also help you access their circles of influence through effective word of mouth marketing.

3. Blogging can position You as an Industry Expert

There’s no better way to leave your competitors behind than establishing yourself as the Go-To Program for learning about any topics related to basketball. Blogging is the simplest, most cost effective way to accomplish this.

Promoting valuable content, helping athletes resolve their issues, offer new ideas and providing solutions through your posts will establish you as the Basketball Training Program to seek for athletes want to become better. Don’t limit your view on blogging as just writing posts, creating videos, tutorials are top ways to get important messages across.

Another great way to do this is by launching an eBook and promoting it through your blog. This can generate exposure about your program behind ways you can imagine. Develop yourself as an basketball expert and watch the increase in your credibility, which leads to more clients.

“Action may not always bring happiness; but there is no happiness without action.”

If you enjoyed this article and you’re ready to get started with building your blog through your Basketball training website, take a look at how Hoops Institute can help you grow your business.

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