Elite Basketball Trainer!

Building a Successful Basketball Training Business to become an Elite Basketball Trainer can be a challenge!

It requires a lot of focus, discipline, structure and Hard Hard Work! But it can be extremely rewarding if done right. Here are a few tips for becoming more productive in your Day to Day.

  1. Get Up 1 Hour Earlier, Not the easiest thing to Do but it can make all the different in your day!
  2. Use Sunday as your day to Plan the week! Set yourself up for a Successful week by Structuring out what you want to Accomplish and the Steps needed to make it happen! This builds Confidence and Momentum as you start completing tasks on your checklist!
  3. Stop spending time on the unnecessary tasks.
  4. You a To Do list like Wunderlist or any other To Do app, and add 3 things that will make each day  Success if you accomplish them. So if that’s writing a New blog post, getting athletes on your email list, asking for referrals, etc. Use your TO DO List to accomplish more.
  5. Plan your day according to the Most Important task on that To Do list and get it done first! Then complete the next tasks as necessary.
  6. Know what the outcome is out of every conversation you have with a person. If you set up a meeting with a client or potential partner, know the next steps you want to take ahead of time and focus on making that happen by the time you’re done talking. No empty conversations, get into next play mode.
  7. Take a break from tasks every couple hours, get some fresh air, reflect on performance and production. Ask yourself, “I’m I getting closer to what I want to achieve?” Self Analyzing is an amazing way to stay conscious and productive. Evaluate and correct Mistakes as Necessary.
  8. Track Progress. At the end of each day, write down what you’ve achieved. Did you complete everything you wanted at the start of the day. How many athletes did you approach? How many new connections did you make? This isn’t to beat yourself up but to analyze your performance so you can get better day by day!
  9. Don’t Procrastinate! Regardless of how you’re feeling your how much time the task will take, JUST DO IT!  Putting things off until you feel like doing it is not helping you bring in more clients or putting money in your business. Get It Done!

Hope you found these tips useful and start putting them into action.

If you want to take your Training business to the next level, you’ll need to build a dominant online presence for the masses of athletes to see your company as an authority. The good news is, you don’t have to do this alone! We’re here to help.